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Budweiser owners build on site wind power facility

Anheuser Busch has boosted their on-site renewable distributed energy generation portfolio with a new 340-foot tall wind turbine at its in Fairfield, US.

A $6m project, the turbine generates 1500 kilowatts of electricity, or 3500 megawatt hours per year ࢀ” 20 per cent of the facility’s total electricity needs ࢀ” enough power to produce 25000 cases of beer per day.

Budweiser wind turbine

This clean renewable source provides sufficient energy to power 399 homes, with a carbon offset benefit of 3,003 tons per year.

The 700,000 square foot Anheuser-Busch plant produces 4.4 million barrels of beer annually, or 136 million gallons. It will utilize 100 per cent of the wind energy generated and will not route power back to the grid. However, the turbine’s electrical system operates with a parallel interconnect to the grid enabling the brewery to use both power sources as needed.

According to Plant General Manager Kevin Finger, “This is the first wind turbine at an Anheuser-Busch In-Bev location and also the first at a brewery in the U.S.”

Nationwide, Anheuser-Busch is the largest operator of BERS (bio-energy recovery systems) turning nutrients from wastewater reclaimed from the brewing process into renewable biogas.

The brewery also obtains 4 percent of its electricity each year from 6500 solar panels installed over a 6.5-acre area.

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