Bubble test

Liquid leak amplifier (LLA), used in conjunction with the Ultraprobe 2000 ultrasonic inspection system, detects extremely low-level gas leaks that produce minimal turbulence. This bubble test method pinpoints leaks with rates as low as 1 by 10 -6 std. cc/sec, the equivalent of 0.005 oz/yr freon. A liquid solution with low surface tension, the LLA`s major advantages are that bubbles do not have to be visible to detect leaks. As bubbles form and collapse, they produce strong ultrasonic signals that are easily detected by the Ultraprobe. Bubbles form and collapse almost instantly, thus the waiting time for bubbles resulting from low-level leaks is reduced. The Ultraprobe 2000 ultrasonic inspection system detects ultrasonic emissions produced by a leak or by mechanical operation.

UE Systems Inc.