British Energy announce Eggborough closure

26 April 2002 – British Energy announced yesterday that it will be taking two out of the four units at Eggborough out of service this summer. One unit is being withdrawn to install flue lining as part of the FGD Programme. The second outage is for planned maintenance work.

Terry Brookshaw, British Energy’s Director of Power and Energy Trading added “With wholesale power prices at unsustainably low levels this summer, it makes sense to take these units out of service now so they will be ready for operation, when prices are higher”.

The announcement follows last month’s announcement that TXU decided to mothball two more coal-fired 189 MW units at its High Marnham power station and a single 333 MW unit at Drakelow as of 31 March and will been for the duration of the ‘summer period’.

The New Electricity Trading Arrangements (NETA) have made it uneconomic for some generators to keep plants running. Prices in the £7.5bn market have dropped about 25 per cent since NETA’s introduction, according to energy regulator Ofgem.

Meanwhile, it was announced that British Energy’s appeal against the earlier ruling by the Scottish Court of Session regarding the payment of monies due under the NEA has been successfully upheld by the unanimous decision of three Scottish judges.