To safeguard customers’ orders in the event of power supply problems, one of the UK’s biggest warehouse and office distributors has taken delivery of an emergency standby diesel generator from Borri Ltd.

Borri has installed a 175 kVA diesel generator complete with a weatherproof and acoustic canopy at Advent Data’s purpose-built distribution centre at Elland, in West Yorkshire, to help secure the electricity supply as part of the company’s disaster recovery programme.

Advent had experienced power problems at the Elland site and needed a solution so that it could process customers’ orders even in the event of a mains failure.

To meet Advent Data’s demands for a full turnkey solution for all its back-up power requirements, Borri’s engineers managed the entire project, including the ground works, training, remote monitoring and a two-year maintenance contract.

Advent’s group operations manager, Jack Holt, said: “This is the first time we have had a provision for emergency power installed. We suffered power failures in the past so felt we needed standby power to eliminate the risk of future disruption to our distribution process. Borri’s price was right and they carried out the entire installation.”

Borri sales director, Mark Trolley, said: “A big advantage of working with us is that the customer has a single point of contact for all its emergency power requirements. Gone are the days of arguments between the UPS company, electrical contractor and the generator supplier. Having the whole project, including all electrical work, managed by one company makes sense and will save money.”

Borri’s generators range from 1 kVA up to 2.5 MVA (this can be even higher, depending if the system is paralleled). This allows Borri to provide generators for a various commercial and industrial applications. Organizations and businesses in the UK that need to invest in emergency power can also help meet their environmental obligations, as the company is now officially included on the government’s Energy Technology List (ETL), said Borri.

The company’s range of UPS systems qualified for the ETL as part of the Enhanced Capital Allowance Scheme (ECA), the key plank in the Government’s programme to fight climate change through tax incentives for businesses investing in equipment that meets energy-saving criteria.

Borri’s innovative UPS solutions for firms seeking cost-effective, resilient and protected electrical infrastructure has now been recognized by a listing on the government’s ECA scheme, which gives UK firms a 100 per cent capital tax relief in the first year of purchase, said the firm.


MWM launches TCG 2016 C genset with improved efficiency for biogas

Mannheim-based MWM is among the world’s leading providers of decentralized energy generation plants. Its various genset series are designed for operation with natural gas or special gas types like sewage gas, biogas, and landfill gas. The company considers the ongoing development and optimization of the individual engine series as an important contribution to increased efficiency and conservation of resources.

With this in mind, MWM has launched an optimized version of the TCG 2016 series whose efficiency has been increased especially for biogas. The TCG 2016 C genset continues to be available in the V8, V12, and V16 variants.

Systematic optimizations of the ignition and control system TEM (Total Electronic Management) ensure more even load balancing over all cylinders. The anti-knock control has been further improved, and a new cylinder balancing concept has been introduced. A package including optimized butterfly valve construction, a new actuator for the gas mixer, and the nano-paint-coated mixture cooler make the genset more durable and less susceptible to external influences.

Thanks to these efficiency-boosting measures, the new gensets reach a maximum efficiency of 42.8 per cent (65 per cent CH4 / 35 per cent CO2) or 41.7 per cent (50 per cent CH4 / 50 per cent CO2) with biogas. Orders for all versions of the optimized TCG 2016 C product series will be accepted from June 2011 on, for shipment from October 2011.


Dexdyne netix system enables remote management of Cummins gensets

Operations and maintenance teams can now manage their Cummins gas generator sets remotely using Dexdyne’s netrix system.

Dexdyne’s innovative, web-based product delivers detailed operating information about the generator sets in real time 24/7 to both engineering staff and management, wherever they happen to be. This real-time information enables users to react rapidly to alarms and other exceptions and thus helps to optimize performance and efficiency of operation.

Dexdyne’s netrix system not only provides remote monitoring but also remote control (including restart) of generator sets. In addition to delivering very detailed real-time engineering data, it can also present the higher level metrics that business managers need to monitor – such as historic power output and generator downtime.

The Dexdyne netrix system is a fully scalable and customizable system, enabling multiple generators and multiple sites to be managed through a single dashboard to suit the operational needs of an organization, making it possible to manage a dispersed infrastructure efficiently and with ease.

The web-based dashboard allows different stakeholders within an operation to have access to information that is relevant to them. The system has been further enhanced for Cummins to allow failure event analysis through capturing rapidly changing pre- and post-event data.

“We are now using Dexdyne’s netrix system successfully at several of our UK and international locations. It makes it much easier to manage multiple engines,” said Will Stumpf, aftermarket and strategic project leader, at Cummins Energy Solutions Business. “The Dexdyne netrix dashboard is intuitive and helps us support our customers better and keep our engines operating at peak performance without needing somebody on site all the time.”

Bharat Gupta, Dexdyne’s managing director, said: “Working with Cummins is another significant milestone for us. Our Dexdyne netrix system is already used to monitor generators and other unattended plant around the world. Cummins are major players in the global generator set business, so it is particularly appropriate that the Dexdyne netrix system is being used to monitor and control their generators.”


Centrax makes further progress in Russian energy market

Gas turbine packaging specialist Centrax of the UK has won another order from Russia for its class-leading CX 501-KB7 generator sets, thereby increasing its Russian fleet to 16 units.

The order, for two units from oil and gas company TNK-BP, expands still further the significant role of Centrax in Russia, where the company recently set up Centrax Gas Turbines RUS as a Russian company.

The two 5.2 MWe packages, each powered by a single Rolls-Royce 501 gas turbine, will run on natural gas and will be located outdoors. The packages are designed for reliable and high-availability service even in conditions of extremely low temperatures. Besides withstanding extreme environmental conditions the Centrax units are also designed to comply fully with all relevant legislation and certification requirements.

Centrax Russia will provide support to TNK-BP as it installs the new equipment at its Pokrovka gas treatment facility in the region of Orenburg, which is about 1100 km south-east of Moscow. The Pokrovka site replaces an existing treatment facility and has been designed to enhance further gas extraction from the Pokrovka fields where it is located.

“Centrax Russia, as our in-country facility, has the ability effectively to support our customers’ future maintenance and service requirements,” commented Guy West, managing director of Centrax Ltd (UK).

“It demonstrates the strong commitment of Centrax to our Russian customers.”

The Centrax Russia facility, in St Petersburg, provides fully trained Russian personnel who can support Centrax installations throughout Russia. Customers benefit from improved response times and a comprehensive in-country spares stock, which avoids the delays involved in clearing customs. Centrax will deliver the two Pokrovka packages to the site during this summer.

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