Boiler burners for chicken litter plant

UK-based company Hamworthy Combustion Engineering (HCE) has recently supplied burners and associated equipment to a Fibrowatt-owned power plant in Norfolk, UK, where chicken litter is used as the main fuel.

HCE supplied two DFL-650 low emission air atomised diesel burners to the plant which is fired by a mixture of poultry waste, straw and wood chippings.

HCE also supplied a burner management PLC control system, local burner valves and instrument module. The plant, operated by FibroThet- ford, generates 38.5 MWe.

HCE has also recently launched its new application software for a highly functional human machine interface for boiler control systems. The new system is a fully integrated real-time management system providing users with a comprehensive selection of touch-screen `windows` and replaces the traditional `mimic` facia displays.

The system is linked to the burner management PLC and the combustion control system. It is used for all functions, data collection and storage, making system interrogation and analysis easy and convenient. The touch-screen displays provide easy navigation for identifying variables such as temperature, pressure and steam output.