Oct. 13, 2000 (Prague Business Journal)—Bayernwerk Hungária will change its name E.ON Hungária Rt (EH) on Oct. 12, following the merger and renaming of the parent company.

The company is prepared for the opening of the Hungarian energy sector, E.ON Hungária Chairman of the Board Konrad Kreuzer said yesterday. The company has been restructured to centralize sales, purchasing, network development and IT development at its power distributors, gas supplier and smaller power plant.

The company owns 90.56% of Dédász, 27.69% of Edasz, 82.56% of Titász Rt, 29.96% of Kögáz and 90% of Debrecen Combined-Cycle Power Plant Kft. (Econews, Vg 15)

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