Baltic Sea pipeline cogeneration plant gets industrial gas turbine

A cogeneration plant located at the landfall station of Nord Stream’s Baltic Sea natural gas pipeline is the first power plant to be placed into operation using Siemens’ SGT-750 industrial gas turbine.

The plant in Lubmin, near Greifswald, Germany is operated by Industriekraftwerk Greifswald, a joint venture of WinGas and E.ON Energy Projects.


With an electrical capacity of 37 MW, the gas turbine can bring the cogeneration plant up to full-load operating mode in just ten minutes. Its exhaust heat serves to heat the natural gas in the Nordstream Pipeline on its arrival at the landfall station, a necessary step because the gas is too highly pressurised for the onshore pipeline systems. The pressure is reduced at the landing station, causing a drop in temperature for which the exhaust heat from the gas turbine compensates.

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