Auxiliary relay

A compact auxiliary relay is available to contact multiplication in protection and control environments with instantaneous and time delayed auxiliary functions. The plug-in rapid wire integrated multi-mount auxiliary (PRIMA) consists of a relay and socket and a range of mounting options and three types of terminal for wiring flexibility.

Wiring times can be reduced by up to 75 percent with an captive nut on the M3 terminal for crimped ring tongues, which is supplied in the open position with a stud to ease wire location. PRIMA is also available with cage clamp or push-on tab connections.

The relay is available as either self reset or hand/electrical types, and the range includes a mechanical operation indicator as standard and an optional integrated timer to minimize panel space. There is also a built-in snaplock feature between the relay and socket.

Additional features of PRIMA include: 12-position simple mechanical coding for relay to socket connection; wide operative voltage range; test feature as standard provides scheme testing facility; compact design–12 relays per 19-inch rack; optional timer; and it is manufactured from flame-retardant materials.