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Australian club reduces emissions through trigen

An Australian recreation club opened a state of the art trigeneration system in New South Wales this week.

The system, which was officially opened at Maitland City Bowls, Sports and Recreation Club on Thursday will improve the energy efficiency of the club while reducing current and projected energy costs, as well as cutting the club’s carbon footprint.

The club, located north of Sydney, can expect to reduce carbon emissions by 500 tonnes per annum which is equivalent to planting 5000 trees per year, while simultaneously saving approximately $50,000 per annum on energy costs.

Simons Green Energy was engaged to design, supply, install and maintain the 150kW Trigeneration System and they worked closely with East Coast Air Conditioning to ensure a smooth integration with the Club’s heating system being retrofitted.

The Trigeneration System installed will supply the club with enough power to cover base load electricity demands while utilising the waste heat to provide hot water for both space heating and domestic hot water, and chilled water to reduce the operation (and expense) of the Club’s current electric chillers.

The installation of the Trigeneration System and the Natural Gas heating retrofit was made possible through funding by the Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency, under their Community Energy Efficiency Program.

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