Oct. 26, 2000 (Global News)—The governor of the Argentine province of Córdoba, José Manuel de la Sota, ratified the privatizations process comprising casinos, electricity company EPEC and the provincial bank.

With these privatizations U.S. $1.3-billion funds are expected. The governor confirmed the signature of the agreement with consultancy firms KPMG Finsterbusch Pickenhayn Sibile Alpha and Fuentes Rossi under which private capitals for Banco de Córdoba are searched.

The award of casinos, hotels and tourist services related to the games industry will be carried out by banks Santander Central Hispano, Banco Río, Societé Generale and Pagbam. As regards the provincial electrical sector transformation, including the cooperative market and the privatization of EPEC, it will be conducted by BPN-Paribas, PSI and Sanguinetti & Ratti.

2000 The Global News