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APACS+ process control system upgrade

APACS+ process control system upgrade

Moore Process Automation Solutions` APACS+ hardware has been ordered by Instem for the control systems upgrades for Units 3 and 4 at National Power`s Didcot A Power Station. The APACS+ nodes will be fitted with around 5000 input/output channels for each of two units and will communicate with the existing National Power APMS soft desk. Instem will carry out the installation of the first unit during this year, and the second early in 2000.

This announcement coincides with a major upgrade that enhances the openness of the APACS+ process control system. The upgrade simplifies integration to third party applications and facilitates data exchange with business and other data processing software. The three main components to the upgrade are APACS+ Enterprise Connection, APACS+ Open Application Server, and APACS+OPC(OLE for Process Control) Server and Client.

The APACS+ Enterprise Connection offers seamless integration with high-level enterprise systems, such as SAP`s R/3 enterprise resource planning (ERP) software – eliminating the need for costly custom interface programmes, along with other production planning benefits.

The APACS+ Open Application Server allows control system integrators to easily incorporate their own advanced algorithms or third party Advanced Process Control packages into the APACS+ process automation system. Ancilliary benefits include tools for control strategy configuration, simulation and integration directly into APACS+ configuration software. The APACS+ OPC Server offers compatibility with any OPC compliant client and can also act as a concentrator for third party servers. Benefits include, real-time data, system alarms, and system events to other automation systems in a plant.

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