American DG Energy operates high efficiency heat pump at Albany, NYC

American DG Energy Inc. (NYSE Amex:ADGE), a leading Onࢀ‘Site Utility, announced that the Company is operating a high efficiency heat pump at Sidney Albert Albany Jewish Community Center (Albany JCC) in Albany, New York.
American DG Energy on-site power heat pump
Under the terms of the agreement, the Albany JCC receives a portion of its energy from the heat pump system, which will be owned and operated by American DG Energy.

The Albany JCC receives a discount on the energy produced by the system and reduces its carbon footprint.

American DG Energy produces domestic hot water, pool heat and space heat at the Albany JCC and sells it to the JCC at a price lower than the local energy utility.à‚  The Albany JCC pays only for the energy used by the facility and avoids all capital, installation and operating costs of the system.à‚  The energy is produced with the Ilios high efficiency water heater or heat pump, located at the property site but owned and operated by American DG Energy.à‚  The Company also handles all service, maintenance and repair; therefore, the Albany JCC does not need to provide manpower to support the equipment.

The synergy of advanced heat pump and engine technology results in twice the efficiency of a gas fired boiler and for locations with substantial hot water requirements the cost savings and environmental impact is significant.

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