Advance Galatrek unveils compact rack-mounted UPS

27 November 2002 – Advance Galatrek, the UK provider of power quality management solutions, has launched a brand new range of digital line interactive sinewave Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS), designed to fit on a standard 19″ rackmount cabinet tray.

The new LineUPS-R series comprises models from 500VA to 2000VA, and is intended to occupy the smallest possible rack space. Although each unit is extremely compact, LineUPS-R supplies a high quality, compatible output waveform that is perfect for smaller computer networks and telecoms hardware

Advance Galatrek’s line interactive circuitry, LineUPS-R automatically switches to battery mode in the event of the input voltage falling outside acceptable parameters. Moreover, the UPS also features a built in Automatic Voltage Stabiliser that allows it to ride through sags, surges and brownouts without the need to resort to battery power. This means that loads connected to LineUPS-R are protected from potentially damaging variations in the power supply, such as spikes and electrical noise, and also allows the batteries to remain in a fully charged state in anticipation of potential mains power interruptions.

LineUPS-R features a number of advanced communications capabilities, essential for computer network and telecoms applications that demand the utmost reliability from their UPS installation. All models are supplied with Advance Galatrek’s innovative PowerShield2 UPS management software – an easy to use program that allows remote monitoring of the UPS device, including battery condition, remaining charge, operational status and shutdown.

The high capacity and compact dimensions of LineUPS-R make it ideal for voice and data processing installations where a rack-mounted solution is the only effective way to solve space problems, but where outright performance is still of critical importance. All versions feature a low heat output and are virtually silent in operation.

Optional accessories include bespoke Galvanic isolation and voltage conversion trays, together with Advance Galatrek’s StrikeSafe range of TVSS. Also available are an SNMP agent, USB communications converters, 19″ rackmount PowerSwitch maintenance bypasses and dual redundant switches. In addition, various extended runtime battery pack options are available for the 2kVA version.

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