18June 2002 – Following the presentation of ABB’s industrial IT philosophy and vision at last year’s POWER-GEN in Brussels, its next step on the road was outlined in Milan last week, where the company will showed how plant automation, asset optimization, and collaborative business systems can be seamlessly linked in realtime.

With the use of ABB’s Aspect Object, a plant operator can effortlessly switch between the object display, trend display, alarm list, operating manual, or the notes of a previous shift with a single mouse click.

When it comes to integrating plant management and optimization processes, a number of traditional software packages are available to handle this data in the same, integrated way. However, they cannot always cater for a power plant where business decisions must be taken quickly to optimize plant economics.
The cost of plant operations are held against the price of energy sold. If reduced lifetime leads to a reduced service interval, and hence to a higher risk of losing the plant in times of high revenues, lifetime may suddenly be the most valuable asset of a plant, and its consumption needs to be monitored carefully.

An application capable of estimating plant component lifetime, allowing the plant manager to include this crucial value in optimization, will be presented in a conference paper and at the ABB booth.