ABB introduces world`s first dry Powerformer

ABB has developed what is being hailed as a technical revolution: a power transformer that doesn`t need oil for cooling. Called the Dryformer, this power transformer has windings of dry polymer cables of XLPE type manufactured by ABB High Voltage Cables in Karlskrona. The cable sheath acts as the insulation and the cable encloses the electrical field.

It is expected that the transformer will become a serious competitor to a century-old oil insulation technology in the power transmission field. It offers customers, and the environment, substantial benefits. The absence of oil means that the new air-cooled power transformer in principal can be installed in a wider context; such as, close to sensitive lakes and rivers, in underground caverns or in densely populated areas.

Dryformer is based on the technology applied in ABB`s revolutionary high voltage generator, Powerformer.

Powerformer is capable of generating electricity directly connected to the grid without the need for a step-up transformer. Powerformer uses a round-section, high voltage cable instead of square, insulated copper conductor found in conventional generators. Powerformer can generate electricity at up to 400 kV.