Sierra Leone clinics receive free power from UK funded minigrids

A solar minigrid project is delivering far-reaching health and socio-economic benefits in rural Sierra Leone following a $1.25 million loan from REPP, funded by the UK government.


Nuclear fusion

Fusion energy presents major economic opportunities for UK – report

The UK is well placed to lead the development of commercial fusion technology and influence global markets if a robust regulatory framework is established.

McDermott, Shell, NASA explore liquid hydrogen storage at scale

McDermott International is part of a consortium selected by the U.S. Department of Energy to demonstrate the feasibility of liquid hydrogen storage at massive scale.
Mexico coal

Thermal power to dominate Mexico’s energy mix until 2030

Coal power capacity in Mexico will likely decrease marginally from 6.02GW in 2020 to 5.67GW in 2030, however thermal power generation will continue to dominate until 2030.
irena energy transition

New IRENA partnership targets social justice to deliver energy transition

IRENA and the International Labour Organisation are partnering to ensure the evolution of the energy sector is just and inclusive.

Call for G7 to set the net zero example

IEA's latest report suggests G7 members are well placed to fully decarbonise their electricity supply by 2035, leading global energy markets towards net zero emissions by 2050.
ntu singapore

Singapore scientists boost energy generation from microalgae

Encasing algae protein in liquid droplets enhances algae’s light-harvesting and energy-conversion properties by 3 times - NTU Singapore.