Power Engineering International Issue 4 2021

Power Engineering International issue 4 2021

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Fifty shades of green

How many shades of green can you name? Probably quite a few – and you wouldn’t even be close to the final number that exist in the natural world, never mind those that are man-made.

There are shades of green in the energy world too, because decarbonisation is less a destination and more a journey: how far down the road on that journey you are will signify your green credentials.

In this issue of PEi, against the backdrop of the Green Deal and a so-called (and much-hoped-for) Green Recovery, we look at various forms of power generation on the ‘green’ spectrum. Our experts discuss the energy transition path for gas engines; the latest developments in marine energy; ambitious plans for a hydrogen ‘corridor’; and a new frontier for offshore wind.

We also dissect how a gradual abandonment of coal should be carried out in two regions of the world that are still heavily dependent on the ‘black stuff’: Poland and Asia.

And we discover what oil and gas majors need to do to move with the clean energy tides.

All of these technologies are a different shade of green – you can decide what’s emerald, mint, lime, etc. However, all are on the decarbonisation colour palette that will gradually paint the picture of a net-zero landscape.

Hope you enjoy the articles.

Kelvin Ross
Editor, Power Engineering International

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