Power Engineering International issue 2 2021

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Let’s talk about gas

If the future of energy is decarbonised and largely electrified, where does that leave gas?

Isolated and yesterday’s fuel source? Or the bridging fuel that enables a green future?

The answer is the latter, of course, and it’s a reality that the energy sector has come to accept and adopt in recent years as it takes a holistic, collaborative approach to achieving climate goals.

This issue of PEi examines various aspects of the gas sector. We look at renewable natural gas: what it means, how we get it and what we do with it. Its potential is significant, particularly for sectors such as industrial and manufacturing which are a major contributor to carbon emissions. Yet there are barriers concerning both innovation and investment. We highlight how these can be overcome.

The buzz around hydrogen has created a lifeline for the power generation assets of gas turbine and engine manufacturers. How are they responding? We check out some of the prime movers in this space, including those that are future-proofing themselves via acquisitions of fuel cell companies.

Yet let’s not forget that gas turbine plants remain the backbone of today’s energy sector in countries around the world, and their operators are still striving for even the smallest percentage efficiency increase. So in this issue we also examine the ever-important issue that filtration plays in delivering optimal performance.

Elsewhere, we take a deep dive into an innovative technology that presents the possibility of repurposing coal-fired plants for energy storage; delve into some of the projects that are bringing solar power to emerging markets; and profile a company delivering electricity ship-to-shore by utilising floating power plant vessels.

I, and the rest of the PEi editorial team, hope you enjoy this issue.

Kelvin Ross
Editor, Power Engineering International