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Power Engineering International Issue 1 2021

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The technologies causing a buzz in 2021

What’s the next big thing in energy? Tricky question, isn’t it? Too many variables. So let’s narrow the scope.

What are the energy technologies that will see significant progress this year and into 2022? Those that have a body of research and development behind them already and are either in commercial operation or on the cusp of it.

Have a think and do please let us know your thoughts and, in particular, projects of interest. Meanwhile, the PEi team has already thought about it and in this issue we profile some of our choices.

Hydrogen is of course one of them and we hear from JEDI: no, not the ones with light sabres, but instead the European group striving to be “leaders in the fields of science and disruptive technologies”.

“Speed and boldness is of the essence to put us back in the driving seat when designing the future ” we want to be ahead of the curve,” says Andre Loesekrug-Pietri, Chairman of the Joint European Disruptive Initiative (JEDI). Find out in our interview how he plans to do it.

Many of you will know what perovskite is: some of you won’t. Either way, turn to our article by research scientist Laura Schelhas, who explains why perovskite is causing a buzz in solar and tells us why that ‘buzzing’ is going to get louder this year.

And while we’re talking solar, elsewhere in the magazine we take you on a virtual tour of Germany’s research centre for aeronautics and space, which is using concentrating solar power and molten salt storage to deliver fascinating results.

These articles offer a glimpse of just some of the energy innovations taking place across the sector and we will bring you more in each issue. Indeed, our previous issue covered nuclear fusion, hydrogen-fuelled gas turbines and floating wind power, so if you missed it, they are invaluable industry insights you’ll want to catch up with.

For now, I hope you enjoy this issue of PEi. And do please get in touch with those projects you believe should feature in future issues.

Kelvin Ross
Editor, Power Engineering International