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All industry insights concerning the latest news, project announcements, reports, policy and legislation relating to electricity generation across global power and energy sectors, focusing on renewable energy news, fossil fuel, natural gas, hydrogen, clean energy, nuclear power and energy storage. This news will include digitalisation projects and smart grid developments in the power generation space.

COVID-19: How to avoid supply chain bottlenecks in the wind turbine...

With operational wind turbines now a critical part of the global energy infrastructure, establishing an immediate approach to reduce the escalating supply chain bottlenecks caused by COVID-19 is imperative.
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Energy Storage: The key to energy access in East Africa

Pumped hydro dams are prominently used as energy storage in East Africa, but that is changing with the increase in renewable energy and battery energy storage systems.
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Davos 2020 – Focus on climate crisis at Swiss summit

Thomas Leurent, the CEO of the energy-tech firm Akselos, provides feedback on the climate change debate at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

GE’s wind turbine factory uses 3-D printing tech to produce N95...

Caroline Shaw knew the pandemic would alter many parts of her job as a sourcing manager at GE Renewable Energy’s wind turbine factory in Pensacola, Florida.
Energy infrastructure in Africa

Energy infrastructure in Africa: Beyond cables

Despite both the overwhelming need and the ample means available, the delivery of energy infrastructure in Africa is not happening as quickly as governments and the ultimate beneficiaries might like.

Mining sector using gravity to revolutionize energy storage

Scottish energy storage specialist Gravitricity is in the process of identifying suitable mine shafts for their first Africa-based gravity energy storage project.
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Weighing the pros and cons of hybrid energy storage

As battery prices continue to fall and the penetration of variable wind and solar generation rises, power plant developers are increasingly combining wind and solar projects with on-site batteries, creating “hybrid” power plants.

Coronavirus puts utility resource management in focus

Staffing will be a challenge for utilities if COVID-19 circulates widely.

Coal-fired O&M: A novel, non-biological process for selenium removal

An advanced physical chemistry technique is now available to remove selenium from power plant FGD, ash-sluicing, ash pond, and landfill leachate wastewaters.

European Gas Conference: The future of gas in a changing climate

Watch the Energy Council’s testimonial highlights video from the 2020 European Gas Conference and LNG Day, which took place over 27-29 January in Vienna.

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