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All industry insights concerning the latest news, project announcements, reports, policy and legislation relating to electricity generation across global power and energy sectors, focusing on renewable energy news, fossil fuel, natural gas, hydrogen, clean energy, nuclear power and energy storage. This news will include digitalisation projects and smart grid developments in the power generation space.


What will it take in 2021 to push utilities over the...

Hitachi ABB Power Grids experts share their insights on the advances they expect in 2021 to accommodate an electric-fueled future
Women In STEM: Smashing the glass ceiling

Women In STEM: Smashing the glass ceiling

What needs to be done to ensure we get more women working in engineering and associated fields?

How graphene fits into Europe’s sustainability goals

The Graphene Flagship, one of the European Commission’s biggest research projects, is working to bring graphene out of labs and into society.
renewable energy

New ancillary service market paves the way to a renewables-led future

A new ancillary service procured by National Grid to manage the frequency of Britain’s electricity system is set to support the country’s green energy transition and provide new opportunities for battery projects.
Siemens and Smart Infrastructure

Siemens Smart Infrastructure chief shares 2021 predictions

Despite causing many difficulties, the pandemic has brought some good, writes Carl Ennis, CEO Siemens and Smart Infrastructure.
UK’s Green Industrial Strategy: What’s missing?

UK’s Green Industrial Strategy: What’s missing?

What's missing from the UK's ten-point blueprint to accelerate a green energy transition.
UK’s interconnectivity with Europe to rise sharply despite Brexit

UK interconnectivity with Europe to rise despite Brexit

A new study concludes that Britain’s interconnectivity with Europe will more than double in the next three years despite Brexit.
EIB solar

Solar PV to lead renewables growth in an uncertain market, IEA...

Solar PV is set to be the fastest growing renewable resource during the coming decade, the International Energy Agency finds in its latest World Energy Outlook.
The evolving role of the energy employee in a digital world

Digitalisation and the transformation of coal generation

The power sector has begun a digitalisation process that is transforming the way electricity is generated, transmitted and distributed.
cleantech startups

Achieving net zero: Too cheap to meter or too expensive to...

Overall, if the paths to net zero are taken, significant upfront investment will have to be made over a sustained period and at the moment there is not the market signals to make this happen.

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