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Ed’s note: Fusion, finance and economic recovery

Climate action has steadily climbed the political agenda in the past decade and this year’s coronavirus pandemic has put it even more firmly in the spotlight.

That’s because an increasingly loud lobby is telling policymakers that any economic recovery measures must include an increased drive towards clean energy.

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One of the few welcome side-effects of the worldwide lockdown has been a significant drop in carbon emissions. If the opportunity is seized, these reductions could be the blocks on which to build a whole new low carbon global economy. That of course, is a very big ‘if’.

A major advocate of these measures is the International Renewable Energy Association. It has published a global clean energy outlook for the coming years, and we unpack its contents and recommendations in our article in the latest issue of PEi magazine.

Indeed, the issue offers a wider focus on some of the latest trends and technologies in clean energy. We focus on tidal energy, which is riding a wave of optimism that’s taking it out of demonstration projects and into commercialisation.

Digital technologies now go hand-in-hand with power engineering know-how, and we examine the gains to be won by utilizing data analytics for the monitoring and control ” in real time ” of renewable assets, particularly windpower.

Of course, no power project gets off the ground with financing, and so we also explore the trends in ‘green’ power purchase agreements, both in the US and in Europe.

And our cover story offers a deep dive into one of the most tantalising forms of next generation electricity ” nuclear fusion. What was once science fiction is gradually becoming ‘science fact’ and we speak to some of the players in the sector and profile key projects.

Hope you enjoy the articles ” and do please let me know what you think.

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PS: Listen to more of the hot topics discussed in PEI issue 3 in the latest Energy Coffee video

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