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The Decommissioning Gap – Key to a holistic pathway for energy transition

As the global energy system moves from the old, fossil-based, to the new, “sustainable” system, key stakeholders are realizing that replacing the old with the new is a multi-trillion Dollar challenge.
demand-side management

The role of demand-side management in Europe’s energy transition

Azad Camyab, the founder and CEO of UK-based demand-side response aggregator Pearlstone Energy shares his thoughts on the opportunities and barriers within the market and how they can be taken advantage of or addressed.
UK hydrogen

#COP26: Hydrogen as a missing piece of the energy transition puzzle

Hydrogen is an energy carrier with great potential, however, Europe must keep pushing hydrogen technology beyond current performance and costs.

Podcast: Norway – Leading offshore wind development

Norway, traditionally focused on oil & gas, has made significant progress in the burgeoning offshore wind sector and become a leading force driving Europe’s green energy transition.

The global energy transition – now comes the hard part

The question of just how much deeper we can cut carbon from our energy systems and deliver the energy transition before new solutions are needed should also be at the forefront at COP26.

The Value Rating: The easiest way to select the best filters

The Value Rating classification system simplifies the filter selection process for gas turbine users in the Power Generation and Oil & Gas industries.