Industry Insights

Europe’s steel industry rapidly running out of carbon budget

The European steel industry has less than 26% of its carbon budget remaining and companies must rapidly shift their business models to reach net zero.


Smaller footprint, bigger impact

Like the rest of the economy, industrial firms are emerging from a year dominated by the COVID-19 pandemic – some in a better position than others, on account of geography or their specific industry.

How COVID-19 has changed energy networks for the better

The pandemic has accelerated the arrival of a ‘new normal’ for utilities argues Jay Cadman.
floating wind

Why the focus on floating wind may stunt offshore growth in Asia Pacific

Deep sea turbine substructures are poised to revolutionise the offshore wind sector, according to Ian Hatton, Chairman, Enterprize Energy.

European carbon prices hit record levels as demand increases

As lockdowns eased across Europe and electricity demand returned to pre-COVID levels, carbon allowance prices rose to record levels in the second quarter.

What motivates renewable energy investors?

As nations realise the inevitable task of shifting their energy demands away from traditional fuels, the risk-reward profiles for renewables become increasingly enticing.

Inside the brain of a hybrid power plant

On-site hybrid power plants are a solution for industry and municipalities to control their own energy supply, drive decarbonization, and optimize their energy consumption.