Webcast: Wednesday, 23 June 2021

05h00 New York | 09h00 GMT | 10h00 London | 11h00 Amsterdam | 11h00 Johannesburg | 14h30 New Delhi | 17h00 Singapore | 19h00 Melbourne

60-minute session

There is a global climate imperative to transform our energy systems so that they are not only low carbon and sustainable but also flexible. However, there’s no single “magic” energy solution that will save the climate, rather it will be dependent on several different technologies working together.

Based at Siemens Energy’s gas turbine test facility in Sweden, the ZEHTC is a complete demonstration of what a sustainable and flexible energy system could be, integrating renewables, hydrogen-ready turbines and energy storage. And although it’s a small demo plant, it is among the first to actually connect these different energy technologies into a single working system.

In this special episode, you’ll have the opportunity to take a virtual tour of this ground-breaking facility ahead of it becoming fully operational later this year, and thereby gaining a genuine understanding of the vital research and knowledge-building that will be conducted there.

The ZEHTC virtual tour will be followed by a live discussion, where our expert panel will explore key related areas, such as:

•The necessity of a stepwise approach to the energy transition
•The challenges in different parts of the world and in different market sectors
•Fuel-flexible, hydrogen-ready gas turbines’ role in the energy mix
•The importance of other energy system components, e.g.energy storage, power-to-x, sector coupling, etc.

Moderator: Vanessa Jeffery, Managing Director | SS&A Power Consultancy

Hans Holmstrom, CEO | Siemens Energy AB
Fredrik Lundstroem, Program Manager | Swedish Energy Agency
Filip Johnsson, Professor, Department of Space, Earth and Environment, Energy Technology | Chalmers University
Pritil Gunjan, Associate Director | Guidehouse