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Ukraine utility and EBRD to develop green hydrogen infrastructure

The Gas Transmission Operator of Ukraine (GTSOU) has signed an agreement with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) to collaborate on the development of green hydrogen production, storage, and distribution infrastructure across Ukraine.

The partnership is expected to help enable the multi-scale production and use of green hydrogen in the country and ensure a secure energy supply as Ukraine transitions to a renewable energy-based economy.

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Harry Boyd-Carpenter, EBRD Managing Director, Green Economy and Climate Action, said: “The EBRD and GTSOU are cooperating to support each other’s activities regarding hydrogen. Ukraine relies heavily on fossil fuels across all sectors of its economy and hydrogen can represent a good alternative for decarbonisation, and reduce reliance on fossil fuels…”

The agreement will help Ukraine to scale up its green hydrogen production in line with a target set by the European Commission of producing up to one million tonnes of the gas through facilities to be built in the next four years.  

With the lack of infrastructure identified as the biggest hurdle to increased adoption of green hydrogen, cooperation between various stakeholders within the energy landscape is vital.

Sergiy Makogon, CEO of GTSOU, adds: “The challenge, therefore, is to develop technology to scale up hydrogen use, to create the necessary conditions and infrastructure for its production, transportation, and consumption. All this requires time, effort and cooperation by all stakeholders. We recognise the role of natural gas as one of the key energy sources and transition fuel on the path to a carbon-free economy, which will remain significant for this transition period.”

The signing of the deal follows EBRD’s release of a study on the potential for developing different segments of the hydrogen supply chain across its investment territories including Ukraine. In April 2020, the EBRD and GTSOU also inked an agreement to collaborate on sustainable energy investments and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.