Siemens to build hydrogen production plant in Bavaria

Siemens energy park in Wunsiedel where it will build a new hydrogen production plant alongside an energy storage facility.
Siemens energy park in Wunsiedel.

Siemens is to build one of the largest hydrogen production plants in Germany.

It will convert renewable energy in Bavaria from solar PV and wind power into storable hydrogen for mobility and industry.

The plant will be in Wunsiedel, northern Bavaria, on an energy park next to an existing Siemens’ battery storage manufacturing facility.

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With a power intake of 6 MW in its initial development phase, Siemens said the electrolysis plant will run solely on renewable energy and be CO2-free.  

It will have the capacity to produce over 900 tonnes of hydrogen per year in this first phase, however, when fully expanded, Siemens expect this to rise to 2000 tonnes.

Groundbreaking is scheduled for the end of this year and commissioning at the end of 2021. The plant will be developed by both Siemens Smart Infrastructure and spin-off Siemens Energy.

à‚ Uwe Bartmann, CEO of both Siemens Germany and Smart Infrastructure Regional Solutions & Services Germany, said the project will give the northern Bavaria region its very own hydrogen source. à‚ 

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