News, project information, technology, innovation and research relating to hydrogen power or fuel, as a vital part of the energy transition to net zero. This includes brown hydrogen, green hydrogen or blue hydrogen produced with resources, such as natural gas, nuclear power, biomass, and renewable energy, produced through a thermal process of reforming natural gas or steam or through electrolysis. Information will include hydrogen use cases such as in fuel cells for vehicles, energy storage and internal combustion engines.


Innovative hydrogen waste heat research aims to cut carbon emissions

The project aims to develop a new way of recovering waste heat from industry and decarbonise heating and cooling through new hydrogen technologies.
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Siemens Energy launches new R&D center for advanced technologies in China

Siemens Energy has launched an innovation center for advanced energy technologies in Shenzhen in southeastern China.
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UN unveils Race to Zero Breakthroughs to combat climate change

Iberdrola has joined a new initiative unveiled at the recent World Economic Forum by the United Nations to accelerate the fight against climate change.

Green hydrogen blockchain tracking platform developed

The first platform to guarantee the renewable origin of green hydrogen has been developed by Spanish multinational Acciona.
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EIB backs energy and climate action projects in Croatia

In Croatia, the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development and EIB have partnered on key energy, sustainability and climate projects.

Australia-wide network of hydrogen clusters unveiled

13 regional hydrogen technology clusters has been unveiled across Australia as part of a drive to establish a nationwide hydrogen cluster.
Earth Charter

E.ON signs Prince of Wales’ global climate action pledge

E.ON has signed the Earth Charter initiated by the Prince of Wales to encourage CEOs to play a key role in accelerating the energy transition.
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Plans confirmed for Britain’s first hydrogen town

Britain’s gas grid companies have set out plans to deliver the country’s first hydrogen town by 2030 and full transition by 2050.
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Wood Mackenzie presents 2021 trends related to carbon emissions

Research firm Wood Mackenzie has presented the five key carbon emissions trends the company forecasts will shape 2021.

Iberdrola to fund innovation strategy with €100m EIB loan

Iberdrola has secured €100 million in financing from the European Investment Bank to fund its business innovation strategy

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