News, project information, technology, innovation and research relating to hydrogen power or fuel, as a vital part of the energy transition to net zero. This includes brown hydrogen, green hydrogen or blue hydrogen produced with resources, such as natural gas, nuclear power, biomass, and renewable energy, produced through a thermal process of reforming natural gas or steam or through electrolysis. Information will include hydrogen use cases such as in fuel cells for vehicles, energy storage and internal combustion engines.

Stuart Energy and Ford Power Products to develop hydrogen power systems

Stuart Energy Systems Corp. has signed a joint cooperation agreement with Ford Power Products, a subsidiary of Ford Motor Company. Ford has developed a hydrogen fueled internal combustion engine.

Hydrogen fuel cell project announced by Scandinavian energy companies

Three major Scandinavian companies in the electric power industry yesterday announced plans to work together in a project to further develop hydrogen fuel cell technology. Norway's Statkraft, Sweden's Sydkraft and Swedish-Swiss ABB jointly issued a letter of intent to begin the project which, while having no set budget, is expected to cost $5-10 million.

Proton Energy Systems announces advances in hydrogen fuel cell applications

Connecticut-based Proton Energy Systems, Inc. (PES), yesterday announced a series of accomplishments in the field of in Proton Exchange Membrane fuel cells and hydrogen generators

Hydrogenics receives project funding of two million dollars from Canada

Hydrogenics Corp. received a $2 million contribution from the Government of Canada toward the development of a stationary fuel cell system for use in multi-dwelling clusters and small buildings.

Air Products launches hydrogen fuel cell applications

Air Products' KnowH2ow Safety Services include a diverse range of capabilities.

Stuart Energy awarded patent on cost reducing hydrogen technology

Stuart Energy Systems, a developer of hydrogen generation and supply systems, announced the allowance of a U.S. Patent on its Electrode Cell Separator Assembly.

IdaTech awarded hydrogen purification patent for fuel cell system

IdaTech, a subsidiary of IDACORP, announced today the issuance of a patent on its new hydrogen purification technology and the completion of its development of a natural gas fuel cell system.

Hydrogenics announces successful demonstration of portable fuel cell power generator

Fuel cell manufacturer Hydrogenics Corp.has completed the successful demonstration of its proprietary 2 kW portable fuel cell power generator at its Mississauga, Ontario facility.

New hydrogen purification system completes natural gas fuel cell system

IdaTech announced today the issuance of a patent on its new hydrogen purification technology and the completion of its development of a natural gas fuel cell system.

ITN Energy Systems to Participate in $2.3 Million DOE Vision 21...

Rentech Inc. has announced that ITN Energy Systems Inc. was recently notified by the DOE that it has been selected for a proposed $2.3 million DOE award for the development of a novel ceramic membrane to separate hydrogen from fossil fuel gas streams.

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