low-carbon hydrogen
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A new initiative has been launched to reduce the costs of green hydrogen for industry and energy sectors to fully take advantage of the energy resource in decarbonising Los Angeles.

Launched by the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) in partnership with the Green Hydrogen Coalition, HyDeal LA aims to achieve at-scale green hydrogen procurement at $1.50/kilogram by 2030.

HyDeal LA will use its pool of resources and technology know-how from green hydrogen project developers, equipment manufacturers and integrators to address the high cost associated with green hydrogen, the biggest barrier to wider adoption of the energy resource, according to a statement. Members of the alliance including 174 Power Global, Mitsubishi Power, and SoCalGas plan to launch a commercial green hydrogen cluster at scale in Los Angeles.

The green hydrogen cluster will be developed in phases with the first phase including the design of a high-value competitive supply chain necessary to achieve $1.50/kg delivered green hydrogen. The first phase will also include the development and signing of agreements to achieve production, storage, transport and delivery of green hydrogen at scale.

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HyDeal LA is part of HyDeal North America, a commercialisation platform launched by the Green Hydrogen Coalition, which is dedicated to deploying green hydrogen at scale for multi-sectoral decarbonisation. HyDeal LA is modeled after HyDeal Ambition, a similar project in Europe committed to producing and purchasing 3.6 million tons of green hydrogen per year for the energy, industry, and mobility sectors at €1.5/kilogram (kg) before 2030.

The launch of the alliance follows the release of the Los Angeles 100% Renewable Energy Study directing the city towards expanding its green hydrogen capabilities, achieve net-zero and 100% renewable energy goals.

Joining HyDeal LA marks another significant initiative around green hydrogen for LADWP, which is leading the conversion of the Intermountain Power Project in Delta, Utah, aiming to be the world’s first gas turbine intentionally designed and built to operate on 100% carbon-free green hydrogen.

Dee Dee Myers, senior advisor to the governor and director of the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development, said: “Delivering on the promise of green hydrogen means collaboration and implementation, which are the foundations of the HyDeal LA initiative. Success means clean air, reliable power, zero-emission transportation, and importantly jobs and sustainable economic development.”

“Green hydrogen presents a significant opportunity for our gigawatt-scale solar farms to deliver decarbonised energy to multiple sectors,” said Dr. Henry Yun, President and CEO of 174 Power Global.

Scott Drury, SoCalGas CEO, reiterates: “Hydrogen will play an important part in helping SoCalGas reach our goal of achieving net-zero emissions by 2045, in keeping utility bills affordable for families and businesses, and in keeping energy reliable and resilient as we make the transition.”