Green hydrogen to be produced at Swiss hydropower plant
Axpo's hydropower plant.

Swiss energy supply and trading company Axpo plans to produce green hydrogen for transport by building a production facility at its 43 MW Eglisau-Glattfelden hydropower plant on the Rhine River in Switzerland.

Scheduled to go onstream in autumn 2022, the 2.5-MW hydrogen production facility is intended to produce about 350 tonnes of green hydrogen annually, which will be delivered to a network of filling stations.

This, says Axpo, will save the road transport sector more than 1.5 million litres of diesel fuel a year.

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If demand for hydrogen grows as expected, plant capacity can be doubled to 5 MW, said Axpo, which added that direct connection of the production facility to the power plant will ensure climate-neutral hydrogen production. Axpo said preparations for the official approval process will commence in a matter of days.

Axpo began planning a hydrogen production facility at this plant in 2015. However, the project was not pursued further because hydrogen sales volumes remained below expectations.

“Since then, the fight against climate change has become significantly more important, while hydrogen has proven to be a suitable energy source for de-carbonization in the mobility and industry sectors,” said Guy Bühler, head of hydrogen at Axpo.

As the mobility sector’s hydrogen eco-system continues to develop in Switzerland, Axpo is teaming with hydrogen supplier Hydrospider to market the gas produced at the Eglisau-Glattfelden plant, delivering it directly to a network of filling stations.

There are more than 50 trucks powered by hydrogen fuel cells on the road in Switzerland. According to Hydrospider, there will be more than 1600 by 2026. The network of hydrogen filling stations will also grow significantly in the next two years, from a current six to about 50.

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