European Clean Hydrogen Alliance registers SIT as newest member

sit hydrogen
Federico de' Stefani, president and CEO of SIT

SIT, the Italian multinational SIT based in Padua, has been selected to become part of the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance.

SIT brings to Brussels the Italian expertise in the development and research of sustainable solutions for boilers and smart meters that also use hydrogen.

The European Clean Hydrogen Alliance brings together companies, associations, regulators, public and private entities with the aim of actively supporting the commitment of the EU to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 thanks to the boost of hydrogen, the new “green oil”.

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SIT will sit in the Alliance together with important companies in the Italian scenario such as Snam and Confindustria: the goal of the alliance is also to develop an action plan for hydrogen in Italy, in line with the targets expected at EU level, or 13-14% of the European energy mix by 2050, starting from the current 2%.

The first phase of the EU strategy for clean hydrogen (which runs from 2020 to 2024) aims to decarbonise the current European hydrogen production, with at least 1 million tons of renewable hydrogen and the installation of at least 4GW of electrolyzers.

SIT is already active in tests with hydrogen for use in the heating and smart meters sectors (as part of the Hy4Heat project in collaboration with the UK Ministry of Economic Development and Bosch) and wants to continue to play an increasingly relevant role in the green economy.

Federico de’ Stefani, president and CEO of SIT and member of the European Heating Industry, said: “Decarbonising the heating sector is the most difficult challenge we could have embraced, as an industry and as part of the European Union, but also the most virtuous.”

In this challenge, hydrogen will play a leading role: “All our components have been ready, for years, to be used with biomethane. Hydrogen has high development potential, and we want to be part of this change, which at SIT has already begun a long time ago, and which is above all cultural. We have put it in black and white in the most important documents for a company: Vision and Mission. Innovating in the heating sector by riding the “green” wave is not easy, but it is the only possible way if we really want to decarbonize our planet”, added de ‘Stefani.

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