Yeo warns UK government to include decarbonisation target in Energy Bill

The chairman of the UK‘s Commons Energy and Climate Change Committee, Tim Yeo has criticised the government for its prioritisation of gas power generation and is seeking to have a target for decarbonisation included in the recently announced Energy Bill.

Mr Yeo’s comments came in a speech to the City on Tuesday morning where he publically warned the country’s Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne not to gamble the UK’s future on the hope of cheap gas.
Tim Yeo MP
The Conservative MP confirmed he would be leading the campaign in Parliament to amend the Bill to include a firm target for the decarbonisation of the power sector by 2030.à‚ 

He said: “Either we can upgrade our energy system and embrace the technologies of the future or we can fossilize it by clinging to the combustion-based power systems of the past”.à‚ 

He added: “Shale gas seems to have seduced some in Government into premature confidence that it is an energy panacea; a golden calf that can meet all of our energy needs cheaply and even revive lost manufacturing industries.à‚ 

“But we must remember: the scale of recoverable reserves is not yet known and gas power stations are considerably more polluting than the cleanest forms of renewable energy currently available.à‚ 

“The price of most fossil fuels, including gas, may continue rising as global energy demand increases and other countries like Japan and Germany turn their back on nuclear power. Gambling on gas could be costly.”

Chancellor George Osborne is a vocal supporter of gas and has argued that a decarbonisation target would be too inflexible and create problems for business.

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