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Yanmar announces US debut for micro-CHP unit

YANMAR America announces the introduction of a new EPA certified 35 kW micro Combined Heat and Power (mCHP) system, the CP35D1 and CP35D1Z (blackout start) models.

Powered by natural gas, the unit is 88 per cent efficient overall as compared to the 33 per cent overall efficiency offered by a traditional power plant.

The CP35D1 operates similar to the 5 and 10 kW mCHP systems from YANMAR America, but it has a built-in inverter instead of external inverters; this makes it a true plug-and-play unit, as well as decreases the system’s footprint.

The 35 kW model also features a new rich burn engine for lowered emission levels. Overall, the unit provides customers with a faster return on investment (ROI) due to the inverter mode and lowered production costs per kilowatt.

Ideal applications for this model are offices or multi-unit housing, hotels, restaurants, healthcare facilities and other light commercial properties.