Equipment from a defunct cogeneration plant in Owings Mills, Maryland, US is to be sold at auction.

Trigen Energy’s (now Veolia) 15,000 kW natural gas-fired combined-cycle plant was operational from 2002 to 2012. It provided power and steam for factory operations for the Solo Cup company, which makes paper products such as cups and packaging.

In 2012 Solo Cup sold the property to developer Greenberg Gibbons, which planned to tear down the plant and put in a shopping centre. But in 2013 Solo Cup sued the new owners over the plant’s equipment, which it had leased through 2017 and then sub-leased to the developers.

Equipment damage had been noticed in 2012, and a legal wrangle ensued over whether it had been properly maintained and who was responsible.

The dispute has now been settled and development will proceed.

Assets for sale from the plant include two Wartsila 18V34SG gensets and a transformer, heat exchanger and cooling radiators.