Wartsila has received an order for a natural gas fired power plant rated 160 MW in combined-cycle operation for powering a steel mill in Samsun, on the Black Sea coast of Turkey.

The contract has been placed by Yeşilyurt Enerji Elektrik Üretim A.Ş., an independent power producer (IPP), which will sell surplus energy to the national grid. The plant is scheduled to operate from October 2012.

Wartsila claims to have more than 3 GW in capacity in Turkey, with about 330 engines either in operation or awaiting installation. Natural gas is the feedstock for about 85 per cent of these plants.

The intermediate load power plant is expected to run for more than 6000 hours per year, and will feature eight 18-cylinder Wartsila 50SG engines. The output will be more than 145 MW but, together with a steam turbine in combined cycle operation, will hit 160 MW at full load, said Wartsila.

The 18-cylinder Wartsila 50SG spark-ignited gas engine was introduced in the second half of 2010 and had its first installation in Turkey.

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