Finnish company Wärtsilä today announced that its dual-fuel engines have exceeded 3 million running hours in both land-based and marine applications.

The Wärtsilä DF engine series is widely used by utility and energy companies, as well as in ships, and its engines in land-based and marine applications now total 470.

Dual-fuel engine technology provides the flexibility to switch between the use of natural gas and heavy fuel oil, light fuel oil and various other liquid fuels.

This flexibility in fuel choice offers several economic and environmental benefits, says Wärtsilä. As oil prices fluctuate and environmental regulations become stricter, the operator can select the most cost-effective and readily available fuel, while also being able to utilize natural gas in order to comply with emission limitations.

Vesa Riihimäki, group vice president of Wärtsilä Power Plants, said: “The use of natural gas in power generation is rapidly increasing, but many locations are currently without a ready gas supply. Our dual-fuel technology enables customers in such areas to generate electricity, first with heavy fuel oil and then to switch later to gas once it becomes available. Having now exceeded 3 million hours of reliable and efficient operation, there can be no doubt as to the effectiveness of this technology.”

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