Africa Gas Association

With natural gas development holding tremendous opportunity for broader economic and social development in Africa, WADE joined the Africa Gas Association in its inaugural meeting held from 13–15 October in Nairobi, Kenya to discuss the immense opportunities for Africa and the challenges and risks that lie ahead.

Recent reports by Ernst & Young have noted that East Africa has emerged as the new frontier for natural gas production, boosted by offshore discoveries in Mozambique, Tanzania and Madagascar. E&Y’s Natural Gas in Africa: The frontiers of the Golden Age report, released in 2012, stated that ‘the most dynamic recent developments in the African natural gas sector have been in East Africa’, despite most of the major players coming from further north. In the last five years, energy firms including Italy’s ENI and Anadarko Petroleum from the US have reported several large-scale offshore gas discoveries in northern Mozambique’s Rovuma basin and Mamba fields.

David Sweet, WADE executive director, chaired the panel ‘How Decentralized Energy Can Deliver Cleaner, Cheaper and More Efficient Energy in Africa’. The panel discussions focused on assessing countries such as Nigeria as case studies to see the measures that were adopted to resolve power issues. Sweet went on to discuss how natural gas can be a game-changer in the African power scenario. He also chaired the session ‘Next Generation of Energy Efficiency: Driving Productivity through Investment, Modernization and Education’, which brought together thought leaders from government and industry to discuss a blueprint for the next generation of energy efficiency and the tools – investment, modernisation and education – needed to drive significant increases in productivity.

WADE joins High Horsepower summit in the Windy City

With natural gas revolutionizing North America’s off-road transportation sector, the High Horsepower (HHP) summit held in Chicago, US (known as the Windy City) from 17–19 September provided the attendees with an excellent opportunity to learn about the fueling, engine and technology synergies that exist between marine, mining, rail, and E&P operations. WADE was represented by chair Steve Zilonis at the event.

WADE Chairs Global Gas Opportunities Summit in Istanbul, Turkey

David Sweet

David Sweet, WADE executive director, chaired the two-day summit supported by the Turkish Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, held from 1–3 October, which saw participation of Fortune 500 companies, non-profit organizations, ministries and academics. According to Oil and Gas Journal, as of January 2013 Turkey’s oil reserves stand at 270 million barrels and natural gas reserves at 6 billion cubic metres. With projects like Trans Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline Project (TANAP) that will act as a passage between the Caspian Sea and the Adriatic, Turkey formed a strategic location for this summit. Following his opening remarks, Sweet went on to chair the regulatory panel discussion ‘Developments in the gas industry worldwide’.

US House Natural Gas Caucus co-chairs provide legislative outlook over lunch

The Business Council for Sustainable Energy (BCSE), along with key natural gas and energy industry trade associations, hosted a US Congressional briefing focused on market trends and policy drivers for natural gas sectors. David Sweet, who also serves as president of the Natural Gas Roundtable, organized and chaired the briefing which featured an overview presentation by Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) with excerpts from the BCSE-BNEF Sustainable Energy in America Factbook, followed by a moderated industry panel with senior executives from a range of natural gas industry organizations. This was followed by a panel of leading natural gas trade associations on market dynamics and policy priorities. Sweet then chaired a lunch that featured remarks by the co-chairs of the House Natural Gas Caucus, Congressman Tom Reed, Congressman Gene Green, Congressman Glenn Thompson, and Congressman Jim Costa.

WADE Africa will be holding a meeting in Cape Town on 19 March in conjunction with POWER-GEN Africa to advance the dialogue on clean power for the continent with a focus on the sub-Saharan region. The meeting will include presentations from government and industry leaders as well as tours of decentralized power facilities. If you are interested in speaking, sponsoring, supporting or attending this meeting please contact us at

WADE addresses engineering seminar for absorption chillers and combined cooling, heating and power

Invited by NSTAR, WADE chair Steve Zilonis participated in an engineering seminar on absorption chillers and combined cooling, heating and power. Speaking at the event, Zilonis addressed the need for resiliency for combined cooling, heating and power on the grid as well as best practices for adopting combined cooling and heating correctly. He also provided an overview of the northeastern US market for combined heat and power. Discussions focused on making combined cooling and heating more resilient during grid outages, as in the case of Hurricane Sandy.

WADE participates in the international launch of the new IEA Gas and Oil Technology Network initiative

The International Energy Agency launched its new Gas and Oil Technologies (GOT) initiative to governments, international stakeholders and press at the GE building at Rockefeller Center in New York City, US during the United Nations General Assembly. The initiation of the GOT network addresses a growing call for collaboration internationally to pursue opportunities and experience transfer on, among other things, the revolution within unconventional gas and oil in the US.

Within the framework of the GOT initiative, the IEA is set to work actively with governments, industry leaders and academia on the advancement of technology, regulatory drivers and capacities to accelerate the development of a sustainable, abundant, affordable and secure supply of energy for the world. WADE supports the mission and David Sweet addressed the audience over lunch.

The luncheon meeting provided a topical context for the GOT initiative with presentations from key stakeholders among government and industry. IEA’s new publication Resources to Reserves: Oil, Gas and Coal Technologies of the Energy Market of the Future by Didier Houssin, director of energy policy and technology at the International Energy Agency, was released at the event.

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Combined heat and power and waste heat to power conference identifies market potential and new technologies

Texas Combined Heat and Power Initiative (TXCHPI)

The Texas Combined Heat and Power Initiative (TXCHPI), Heat is Power Association (HiP) and WADE recently joined forces to convene CHP2013 and WHP2013 held on 7–9 October in Houston, Texas, US. The conference attracted business and energy leaders, engineering consultants, project developers, policy specialists and end users. The presentations addressed market enablers and financing, innovations and emerging technologies, state and federal policy changes and the growing demand for the energy security and resiliency offered by CHP and WHP systems in the industrial, commercial and institutional sectors.

CHP systems reduce fuel costs by taking full advantage of waste heat recovery to significantly increase energy efficiency. On-site generation with CHP provides energy security during times of grid strain and extreme weather conditions. WHP systems enhance industrial efficiency by capturing waste heat from industrial processes, converting it to power, and returning the energy back into the process or exporting it for others to use. WHP systems, which require no combustion and produce no emissions, improve overall industrial energy efficiency and competitiveness and are considered renewable energy systems in over 15 US states.

As reported at the conference, there are over 4400 MW of CHP currently being developed or under construction, and there is technical potential for many more. The potential for WHP projects is equally impressive, with more than 11,000 MW available at industrial sites as well as gas compressor stations, landfills and locations where gas flaring is occurring.

Paul Cauduro, TXCHPI executive director, said, ‘Clearly combined heat and power and waste heat to power technologies are a significant part of the “all the above” energy strategy. They are a viable and reliable on-site clean energy option that can be implemented in a wide variety of applications. The existing projects, and the projects under development, are proof that these systems are an integral part of a robust energy infrastructure.’

WADE New Member Profile – Ener-G Rudox

ENER-G Group
Rudox Engine and Equipment Company
ENER-G Rudox Inc

Rudox Engine and Equipment Company has been a leader in power generation since 1949 with over 60 years’ experience in design, engineering, manufacturing and servicing of generator sets and CHP units across the US, with a primary focus on the northeast. Rudox is also often associated as a distributor with companies like Mitsubishi. Rudox’s headquarters are in Carlstadt, New Jersey, which is key to providing 24/7/365 emergency services and support for the region.

ENER-G Group, a European market leader in cogeneration, is headquartered in the UK and has operations in 17 countries. ENER-G has over 25 years of knowledge specific to the cogeneration and trigeneration space, and is continuing to expand its presence with other cleantech solutions and technologies. ENER-G provides businesses across the globe with a wide range of energy services and sustainable technologies to help them generate, buy and manage their energy.

As of 2013, ENER-G Rudox Inc is now the combined entity of both Rudox Engine & Equipment Company and ENER-G Group, with 85+ years of market leadership in cogeneration and 1700+ cogeneration systems running worldwide.

ENER-G Rudox will continue to design, operate and finance energy efficient and renewable solutions on a business-to-business basis globally, with a unique turnkey and vertically integrated approach that few (if any) companies are able to offer.

The company has realized significant growth in the US cogeneration and trigeneration market, and is well positioned to meet customers’ needs across all industries.