US-based 2G CENERGY has received an order for a CHP plant to supply electricity and thermal energy to Simonds International in Fitchburg, Massachusetts, said to be the oldest cutting tool manufacturer in North America.
The CHP plant is expected to produce enough energy to power, heat and cool the Fitchburg plant.
The company is making the move toward clean on-site energy to help combat high energy costs. Implementation of the US$5.5 million cogeneration system should also save 150 jobs, it says.
With 179 years of history, Simonds decided to purchase a packaged, ‘connection-ready’ CHP unit to save costs and to reduce technical risks, compared to a custom-designed plant to be assembled on site.
The modular, natural gas-based cogeneration system to be installed is rated at 1.8 MW and comprises three 600 kWh ‘avus’ series CHP modules with MWM engines fully integrated into the 2G cogeneration package.
The CHP system comes fully factory-tested and does not require any civil construction or site engineering. The installation will be completed within a few days, just connecting gas and water pipes, and power cables.
The fully-integrated exhaust system guarantees ultra low NOx and CO emissions well below Massachusetts and local regulations, says 2G.
The project will be carried out in close cooperation with Sustainable New Energy and CEI Energy Incorporated, responsible for the overall implementation, as well as the design and installation of the electrical and thermal heat distribution throughout the Simonds factory facility.
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