The Maltese government has promised that a new gas-fired power plant will be added to the country’s grid soon after power blackouts on Tuesday left the public frustrated.Malta Sicily Interconnector

Energy minister Konrad Mizzi told a news conference that two major power cuts on the island were caused by a problem with the interconnection between Sicily and Malta after bad weather conditions.

The first outage plunged the whole country in darkness at 1.40am and lasted for four hours. Just three hours after power was restored, many areas reported a new power cut, which lasted for 45 minutes in most cases. It follows a similar blackout on the island last month.

Enemalta chairman Frederick Azzopardi told the press according to first indications, heavy rainfall over past few days had penetrated the Ragusa power plant, triggering a circuit breaker which affected the interconnector.

Mizzi said the new 200 MW Delimara gas-fired power plant is being tested in the coming weeks. It is set to produce 50 per cent of the country’s electricity.

As well as streetlight. traffic lights were also affected, commuters reported, adding to the chaos in the streets, amid flooding.