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Stadtwerke Màƒ¼nchen to slash emissions with GE upgrade

Munich-based power producer Stadtwerke Màƒ¼nchen (SWM) has chosen GE’s 9EMax gas turbine upgrade solution to be deployed in its cogeneration plant Heizkraftwerk-Sàƒ¼d (HKW-Sàƒ¼d).

The purpose of the upgrade is to reduce fuel costs, as well as increase power output by approximately 15 MW per unit and increase efficiency of each gas turbine up to 3 per cent.

Modernizing of the two GE 9E.03 gas turbines and two A39 generators will be completed next year, at which point SWM expects significant reduction in nitrous oxide and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

HKW-Sàƒ¼d produces thermal energy for district heating for both industry and residential users and is an important component of Munich’s energy supply.

According to Helge-Uve Braun, technical managing director of SWM: “SWM’s district heating network extends approximately 800 kilometers and provides heat and hot water for a third of the households in Munich. In the long term, we want to generate CO2-neutral district heating in Munich, primarily using geothermal energy.

“Until then, we are working on optimizing our existing conventional plants and continuing to operate them as environmentally friendly as possible. Having worked with GE for more than 15 years, we turned to their trusted technological expertise to help us find a long-term solution to improve our plant’s flexibility and energy efficiency.”à‚ 

GE said that the 9EMax includes two load commutated inverters for faster starts, enabling SWM to bring their units online in about 4.5 minutes. The whole solution is geared to boosting operational flexibility, allowing SWM to adapt quickly to dynamic market conditions caused as more renewable energy is introduced.

Michael Rechsteiner, GE’s head of Power Services in Europe, said: “Together with SWM, we’ve developed a customized solution to upgrade their existing GE 9E.03 gas turbines with the best available solution, resulting in higher efficiency and better flexibility. We’re committed to helping customers, like SWM, be successful in Germany’s exceptionally dynamic energy landscape.”

GE developed its 9EMax upgrade using its experience from its global fleet of more than 700 9E gas turbines and insights from more than 30 million hours of operating data from its installed base.

The company says that the solution delivers up to 37 per cent efficiency and up to 145 MW of output in simple-cycle operation. “It can be accomplished within the same footprint as an existing 9E gas turbine and without sacrificing reliability. It maintains the 9E gas turbine’s proven reliability and enables up to 32,000 hours/900 start maintenance intervals.”

The latest developments in gas turbine technology will be spotlighted across three sessions in the Lifecycle Management Knowledge Hub at POWERGEN Europe in Paris in November. Click here for details of the event.

Pamela Largue
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