Irish utility ESB has announced that the Carrington gas-fired power plant in Manchester has commenced operation.Carrington gas power plant

The 880 MW facility has already secured a contract for power for the winter of 2019/20 under the capacity market scheme.

“Carrington Power Station is the first large-scale gas-fired power plant to come online in Great Britain since 2013,” Irish utility ESB, the plant’s owner, said in an emailed statement, adding that first commercial operations began on Monday.

“As well as providing 880MW of reliable baseload electricity, Carrington Power Station will be one of the most flexible plants providing fast back-up to intermittent wind and solar generation when it is needed most.”

The scheme will kick in when supply is too low to meet demand, for instance when renewable energy sources fail to produce enough power or when thermal power plants close or have failures.

Britain needs several new power plants to be built over the next decade to replace its ageing power fleet.

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