UK heralds new dawn in gas power generation

The UK‘s energy secretary Ed Davey says that 20 new gas fired power generation station are to be built in the country.

The British government plants to add 20 GW of gas powered generation capacity to the grid by 2030.
Ed Davey
It will the biggest construction effort in the power sector for decades, but Mr Davey told the Guardian newspaper that the development of gas power will not harm the prospects for investment in renewable energy or in the government’s carbon reduction targets.

He said: “I strongly support more gas, just as I strongly support more renewable energy. We need a big expansion of renewable energy and of gas if we are to tackle our climate change challenges.”

Davey is expected to announce a new gas strategy this autumn, which will require the investment of hundreds of billions of pounds in new electricity generation capacity and dictate the shape and construction of the UK’s energy infrastructure for decades to come.

Renewable energy investors are concerned that a new “dash for gas” would put carbon targets beyond reach and deter investment in renewables.

Mr Davey attempted to reassure renewable sector fears, saying: “People who see the UK’s energy future as a competition between renewable and gas are misreading the next phase.”

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