Total and Siemens Energy in pact to cut LNG carbon emissions
Total's Angola LNG treatment plant. Photo Total

A new deal signed by global energy giants Siemens Energy and Total is intended to help cut carbon emissions in the liquefied natural gas and associated power generation sectors.

Total and Siemens Energy will combine their technologies and experience to come up with solutions including combustion of clean hydrogen in gas turbines, competitive all-electrical liquefaction, optimized power generation, the integration of renewable energy in liquefaction plants’ power system and their efficiency enhancement.

Arnaud Breuillac, president of exploration and production at Total, said the collaboration “brings many opportunities to further reduce the carbon footprint of our activities, especially in our strategic LNG business”.

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“The development of low-carbon LNG will contribute to meet the growth in global energy demand whilst reducing the carbon intensity of the energy products consumed. Reducing its carbon footprint is essential for LNG to play its role fully in the energy transition.”

Thorbjörn Fors, executive vice-president of the Industrial Applications Division at Siemens Energy, added: “The agreement is a next step, following our announcement last June to collaborate together and conduct studies exploring possible liquefaction and power generation plant designs to help decarbonize the production of LNG.” 

Sustainable solutions

The deal with Total follows Siemens Energy partnering with several oil and chemical companies to help them reduce their carbon emissions through the development and adoption of sustainable solutions.

In February it partnered with French multinational company gas company Air Liquide to research and develop Proton Exchange Membrane electrolysis technology.

As part of the deal, Siemens Energy and Air Liquide will co-create large industrial-scale hydrogen projects in collaboration with customers, lay the ground for mass manufacturing of electrolyzers in Europe and co-develop next-generation electrolyzer technologies.

With German-based multinational chemical company BASF, Siemens Energy will deploy a number of projects aimed at decarbonising the chemical industry.

The projects will include the implementation of hydrogen, wind energy and digital and carbon emissions-optimised technologies developed by Siemens Energy.