Third unit starts up at E.ON’s Grain CHP plant in the UK

The third and final unit at E.ON‘s Grain Combined Heat and Power (CHP) power station in Kent is now commercially available.

Construction and commissioning of the innovative CHP scheme that will provide ‘waste’ heat in the form of hot water to National Grid’s nearby liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal continues and is expected to be fully operational late-2011, making Grain one of the world’s largest CHP plants.

At present, National Grid‘s Grain LNG terminal uses natural gas to heat the liquefied natural gas into a usable form. The CHP scheme at the new power station will have the capacity to transfer up to 340 MW of heat energy recovered from the steam condensation process within the CCGT to the LNG vaporisers, allowing for a reduction in carbon emissions of up to 350,000 tonnes a year.

In combining gas turbine and combined cycle technology with CHP, Grain is expected to have an overall efficiency of up to 73%.

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