FuelCell Energy has announced that its 2.8 MW DFC3000 power plant operating on natural gas has been certified under the California Air Resources Board’s (CARB) distributed generation emission standards that were established in 2007 (CARB 2007).
The DFC3000 is the largest distributed generation power plant to receive certification, says FuelCell Energy.
The CARB 2007 certification affirms the ultra-clean emission profile of the DFC3000 to the various California Air Quality Management Districts that oversee the clean air permitting process.
Due to this certification, the local Air Quality Management District can choose to exempt clients from local clean air permitting.
Certification requires extensive testing of emissions to ensure compliance with California’s toughest-in-the-nation air quality standards.
This certification helps to simplify and accelerate the approval process for installing distributed generation DFC3000 power plants.
The DFC3000 joins the company’s other power plants that previously attained this certifications, including the DFC1500 and DFC300.
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