Tecogen has announced the sale of a second Tecochill® CH-400 chiller to Stanley Black & Decker for use in their manufacturing plant in Reynosa, Tamaulipas, Mexico.

Providing natural gas powered space conditioning and process cooling to the approximately 4000 employee manufacturing facility, the Tecochill chillers offset electric demand from the facility, saving the plant owner money while freeing electrical capacity. This freed capacity may be repurposed for direct use in powering the plant’s core manufacturing processes and equipment.  
Speaking about the repeat order, Arturo Cantu, General Manager of Tecogen’s local representative, Calfrost de Mexico noted, “This follow on order came after strong performance from the first unit installed last year and is a testament to the appropriateness of the technology for this sort of customer.”

Benjamin Locke, Tecogen co-Chief Executive Officer added, “Natural gas powered cooling makes a lot of sense for manufacturing facilities in Mexico looking for affordable and reliable alternatives to aging electric chillers that are often costly to operate and vulnerable to an unreliable electric grid.”

“The additional chiller order builds on sales momentum we have seen in Mexico and supports our continued expansion in the territory. This perfectly aligns with our strategy of expanding geographically by first introducing our chillers and Ilios heat pumps and then following with combined heat and power equipment after the new territory’s installed base has reached critical mass to support a dedicated service team.”