Tanzania’s power shortage is set to be partially relieved this week with an additional 87 MW in capacity from Symbion and Aggreko, according to Energy and Minerals Minister William Ngeleja.

Symbion will raise capacity at its Dowans Power natural gas fuelled plant by 37 MW up to 112 MW from 5 September while Aggreko’s Ubungo power plant will fire up to add 50 MW to the grid from 6 September, he said.

Aggreko has been contracted to produce 100 MW from power plants in Ubungo and Tegeta, where a plant will be brought online at the end of the month to add another 50 MW to the grid, said Ngeleja, according to IPP Media.

Independent Power Tanzania Limited (IPTL) is also reported to be set to add 100 MW to the grid this month.

Economic growth in Tanzania is likely to slow to 6 per cent this year from 7 per cent in 2010 due to power shortages, according to the International Monetary Fund. Hydropower generation has plunged 264 MW due to a prolonged drought, according to Ngeleja.

The government has announced a rescue plan to add about 572 MW would be added to the current 570 MW in the national system to ensure a surplus of 272 MW by the year-end, according to IPP Media.

Jacobsen Elektro AS, a Norwegian power-plant builder, started constructing a 100 MW gas fired plant in June that will be ready by December, according to Ngeleja.

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