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UK must not become dependent on gas says CBI boss

The head of Britain’s leading business organisation has said that the UK must not become “dependent” on gas as a silver bullet to its energy problems.

John Cridland’s comments come just days after UK Chancellor George Osborne unveiled plans for a “generous new tax regime” for shale gas exploration.

Osborne is an outspoken advocate of gas as Britain’s number one source of power generation.

But Cridland, Director-General of the CBI (Confederation of British Industry), said: “Gas has a big part to play in the UK’s energy mix in the years to come, but we cannot become dependent on any one source of energy.”

He said if the UK is to have a secure and affordable energy supply in the future, what was needed was “a diverse energy mix, combined with market certainty“.

“An over reliance on new gas would leave us exposed to global price and supply fluctuations and jeopardise our carbon targets,” he added.

“We need to build more of everything, including renewables, nuclear and CCS [carbon capture and storage].”