Norway and UK sign pact on renewables, CCS and interconnection

Norway and the UK have signed a deal to co-operate on a raft of energy initiatives covering gas, renewables and carbon capture and storage.

Two gas fired stations targeted for Queensland

An Australian energy company wants to build two gas fired power stations in Queensland which it claims would boost the state’s electricity generation by 20 per cent.

UK has only 14 days of gas storage capacity

The UK currently has only 14 days’ worth of gas storage capacity, compared to 69 days in Germany and 87 in France.

GAIL India eyes more US shale gas assets

State-run utility GAIL India is to target further stakes in the US shale gas market.

China warns of 26 GW winter power drop

China’s State Electricity Regulatory Commission has warned that tight coal supplies and a drop in hydroelectric power could result in a power shortfall of 26 GW in the coming months.

Israel eyes LNG deal with Qatar

Israel is said to be planning to buy liquefied natural gas from Qatar.

Russia to invest $2.5trn in energy by 2035

Russia’s deputy energy minister Anatoli Yanovsky said today that the country needed to spend $2.5 trillion on its energy industry between now and 2035.

China to set shale gas targets, says Securities Journal

China targets annual shale gas production of 6.5 billion cubic metres by 2015 and 80 billion by 2020 under a government plan to be released soon, reports the China Securities Journal.

Two floating power plants to supply Venezuela’s capital

The floating power plants Josefa Rufina I and Margarita I, which are located in the Venezuelan state of Vargas, will begin operating in the last quarter of this year.

Siemens, Power Machines form strategic gas turbine joint venture in Russia

Siemens is to team up with Russia’s Power Machines OJSC to establish a gas turbine joint venture, in which Siemens will hold a 65 per cent stake and Power Machines the remainder.

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