In Nigeria, the Lagos state government is planning to establish five new independent power projects (IPPs) to serve industrial clusters in the state, according to Babatunde Fashola, the state governor.

He said that the government plans to increase independent power capacity in Lagos from 10 MW to 114 MW, adding that the only constraint is gas supply.

In addition, Fashola cautioned against the over regulation of electricity distribution by the National Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC), saying that the organization should “allow all distribution companies to flourish.”

He said that the NERC should place more emphasis on safety regulation and ensuring that distribution companies complied with environmental laws.

However, he commended the NERC for encouraging embedded generation of power, which enabled the creation of the Iju/Adiyan power plant to service the Iju waterworks, and for encouraging construction of the Alausa power plant.

Fashola said that the state government was working out an arrangement that would enable five industrial clusters to get IPPs to develop dedicated power supplies.

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